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The square dance represents a celebration and is often seen at special occasions, family gatherings, or fairs. Keeping the tradition alive and cherishing the heritage is the responsibility of a whole generation of people ready to keep active with mind and body, with good fun and movement to music! 

The dance is more than a predefined set of steps that is required to be followed rigorously. Square dance brings a sense of community and inclusiveness as it lets anyone and everyone take part and enjoy the activity. Dancing with new people can enhance your confidence in interacting with people and also enhances community connection.  So, a good idea; do get out there and get dancing!
You’ll be glad that you did.

A way for the whole family to be together! Have super fun and learn how to dance!

Let’s talk Modern Square Dancing!

By Linda Charlton

Modern Square Dancing is fun, social and it is community. We think modern square dance is really one of the most engaging forms activity today! We have enjoyed this activity for many years. My husband Tom has been calling modern square dance for almost as long as we’ve been dancing. Early in our marriage we learned that there was an introductory class that would teach us to modern square dance. This class started us on a new and fun path of learning together, meeting new people and moving to music to dance, laugh, and relax!

We value modern square dancing as an activity for everyone, for all ages. Anyone who loves music and meeting people, who enjoys learning new skills and sharing an activity together with others is where it all comes together in modern square dance. With a career in agriculture and with family and community commitments we still made it a priority to square dance.
Imagine solving a puzzle on the fly. It’s a little bit like that at any dance or special square dance event. In the square dance you move as a team with seven other people whom you’ve possibly never met before, all within a hall of 40 or 400 dancers depending on the event. The caller has everyone weaving and moving about in surprisingly beautiful patterns. You learn very quickly that the square dance leaders are there to make you winners at each dance; and they do.
Square dances give opportunity to share a love of music and the challenge of working together all for a common purpose – to have fun, to relax and to move with confidence and always energizing you to keep coming back for dance after dance, after dance! The square & round dance movement is a community we quickly learned to love.
And more good news, it is never too late to get started with square dancing!
All are welcome to join in the fun and friendship set to music at the Swinging Duos Strathroy group.