Let’s do this! Welcome!

Welcome to Modern Square Dance fun, friendship, and fitness in Strathroy.

First-time dancers might have a momentary feeling that they will look foolish because they don’t know how to move in a dance, however, this thought should never cross anyone’s mind!

Luckily it is the square dance caller who is able to explain the dance and lead everyone through together, right until everyone is comfortable!

People find that the Strathroy group to be a welcoming space where everyone is willing to learn and even when someone is momentarily twisted and turned about (it happens to everyone!) no one is going to mind! The dances are not competetive and they are just a place to have fun. SO, don’t worry!

Photo by Budgeron Bach on Pexels.com

What is your first thought being asked to try out modern square dancing? Is it something like, “I can’t. I don’t own any cowboy boots!”

The reality is that comfortable casual clothing is the best choice. Comfortable and non floor-marking footwear will be your friend at a square dance!

Just as we dance to many kinds of modern music the typical choice of clothing for dances has changed too. Jeans, slacks, and even yoga pants would be just as fitting for a square dance so come, relax, and have fun.