Why Square Dance

Modern Square Dancing is a unique and inexpensive recreational activity that offers fun, mental and physical fitness as well as fellowship. Here are some positive ways becoming a square dancer can impact and enrich your life.

  • Natural movement – With most dance forms you have to learn to place your feet in specific arrangements. Not so with square dancing. Square dancing is based upon moving in defined directions for defined distances – which is exactly what walking is. Since walking is one of the most natural things we do – square dancing becomes a fun extension of something you’ve done most of your life.
  • Entertainment – The caller entertains dancers with a variety of creative call sequences and a wide range of music, including rock, jazz, sing-alongs, gospel, country & western – and everything in between.
  • Stress Relief – Directed by a leader giving commands, you become so focused on the “task at hand” that your troubles are forgotten, at least for a couple of hours. While square dancing you can escape from all the worries of the day and just have fun.
  • Exhilaration – Eight people dancing together in quick time for a common purpose is exciting. Successful completion of the series of moves offers unparalleled elation.
  • Non-competitive – There are no “winners/losers/champions,” but dancers experience a feeling of achievement for ”Team Effort” as they work through the sequences successfully.
  • Wide range of programs. Square dancing has a selection of programs, or dance levels, to match your time and commitment desires. If you wish to attend easy dances – there is a program for you. If you wish to learn ever more challenging dance routines – there is also a program for you.